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About Us

Experience, Breadth, and Vision

Our Core Business Values

First, we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.

We value the opportunities brought to us by our clients who entrust us with their legal and tax matters. We will act aggressively to assist our clients with their legal needs. We will work zealously to provide consistent, high quality legal and tax planning services. We will work to diligently to create a solid legal framework to achieve our clients’ personal, financial and business objectives. We will be responsive to our clients’ questions and concerns. And we will closely guard and protect the confidential information our clients disclose to us.

Second, we value financial success for our clients, our employees, and ourselves.

We believe in capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit, which generates wealth. We understand the drive for financial success is a primary source of wealth creation, job creation and growth for our clients, our company and our community. We particularly believe in the responsible stewardship of the land and businesses that have been nurtured by our senior generation family members.

Third, we value knowledge, experience, and the associated legal skills that are essential to providing high quality legal services to our clients.

Knowledge and experience are the lifeblood of a legal practice. Yet knowledge of the law alone is not enough to produce high quality service and work product. Therefore, we have created systems, committed resources, and training so that every member of our firm can contribute to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. Further, we have designed a team structure, which will allow us to perform our services in an efficient manner, enabling us to provide valuable services within the budgets we establish with our clients. We will continue to provide resources and training to our attorneys, assistants, and staff so that all of our employees contribute to the quality of our services by having the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Fourth, we highly value the office personnel who make up our firm.

At Calone and Harrel Law Group we have a strong work ethic. We work as a team and we have a strong commitment to our employees. We will do our best to treat all office personnel with dignity and respect. We will employ systems and commit resources to help all our office personnel develop the skills and talents they need to excel in the legal profession. We are committed to assisting every member of our firm achieve their goals for professional development, provided their personal goals do not conflict with our firm values and responsibilities. We realize that knowledge among key personnel is not enough if it does not filter down to our staff and into the work product we create. So we are firmly committed to every member of our firm who acts consistently with our values. We want each employee to contribute to our ability to produce a high quality work product for our clients.

Fifth, while our work is serious and demanding, we value opportunities to have a little fun in the work place.

Further, we understand our commitments outside the work place to our families. Ultimately, our families deserve our commitment and support for without their love and respect we cannot give our best effort to achieving our other professional goals.

Last, but not least, we value our business partners.


Our attorneys are counselors, strategists and advocates for  private companies across a wide variety of industries. Our clients include large and small businesses and small and large estate clients. We have attorneys practicing in Tax PlanningEstate and Wealth Management planningBusiness and Commercial Transactions (Corporate, Partnership, LLCs), Post Mortem Estate and Trust AdministrationReal Estate LawTrust and Estate Litigation and Tax Litigation (and Controversies).


Our mission is to be a trusted legal and tax advisor to our clients in our areas of practice. Our aim is to provide high quality legal services designed to meet their personal and business planning objectives. We will work aggressively to design and implement strategies, which provide a solid legal framework for building, managing, protecting and distributing wealth. Our Strength: Our competitive strength will continue to be our in-depth knowledge of the tax laws and the ability to guide our clients through the complex requirements of the Federal and State taxing authorities.


We plan to fulfill our mission by designing and implementing legal solutions, which help our clients, achieve their personal and business objectives. We will work aggressively to add value to our client’s financial success by presenting strategies designed to reduce their personal and business tax liabilities. We will work zealously to help our clients preserve the value of their assets by giving advice about the tools and techniques which can be used to reduce client exposure to risks such as those presented by taxes, litigation judgments and creditors. We will work diligently to achieve a high level of client satisfaction by being responsive to our client’s needs and concerns and by being highly capable of providing legal services, which achieve the desired results. Finally, we will provide the level of advanced knowledge and sophistication necessary to do the job right.


Our vision for the future of The Calone and Harrel Law Group, LLP, is to continue our history of providing exemplary service in our areas of practice, to be more responsive to our clients and provide them more continual support and feedback on methods to improve their legal and tax standing. We see the Company growing geographically within the region of the Central Valley of California.

We recognize the importance of all our personnel to achieving this vision and will help support them in their personal and professional development. Our desire is to regularly work to improve the working environment for our employees and to fairly reward them for their efforts on behalf of the Company.


We believe a high level of client satisfaction is extremely important to our success. We believe we can best achieve client satisfaction if we provide high quality services, which add value to our clients’ personal, business, and financial success.

We realize that creative and sophisticated legal planning, planning which clients can have confidence in, can be expensive. Yet good legal planning can be invaluable to the extent it creates a substantial tax savings, reduces likelihood of future litigation among family members or business partners, brings a business transaction to fruition, improves the chances of a successful business transition, or resolves other legal issues and problems.

Nevertheless, we realize that value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore we will act with fairness and integrity in our business and professional dealings to achieve client satisfaction. We hope that we will gain your confidence and trust by being responsive to your concerns and by being highly capable of creating the legal documents necessary to achieve favorable results.